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How to write an MLA Term Paper? What is MLA citation style? How to learn MLA citation? Where can I find assistance in citing my sources without spending any cent, which GUARANTEES 100% approval and a nice grade?


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MLA (Manual Language Association) is the most commonly used citation style to be followed in Term Papers and Research papers. Below you will find some basic and general guidelines regarding MLA formatting and styling.


General Guidelines:


  1. Double space the paper and make sure that the selected font is legible and the reader can easily differentiate between Italics and normal font. The font size should be 12pt.
  1. 1 inch margin on all sides of the paper and the first line of each paragraph should be half inches away from the indented margin. Use Tab instead of pressing space bar 5 times.


  1. Use Italics through out the essay for titles and create a header on the right hand corner with your last name and numbering all the pages (always follow supervisor’s guidelines as he/she may ask you to omit any of these). Make sure that the end notes should be on a separate page before the work cited page.


The Guidelines for your First Page:


  1. Do not make the title page unless you had been instructed. Write your name, instructor’s name, course name and date on the upper left hand corner and double spaced text is must.

  1. Your title should not be in quotation marks, underlined or in italics. It should be centered and in Standard Capitalization. Leave double space between title and first line.


  1. You can use quotation marks, italics or both in your references. For example, applause and cheering as tutorial plays.

Format for the Work Cited Page:


  1. The Work Cited page should be separate from your Term Paper; the title should be centered and must not be written in Italics or within quotation marks.

  1. All citation should be double spaced and indent second and subsequent lines using the tab key so that you may create a lynching indent.


  1. If you refer to any journal or article, appearing on pages 186 through 199, list the page numbers as 186-99 on the cited work.

  1. Each entry should be supported with the medium of publication. For example, web source, print media including CD/DVD, films etc. A document first issued in print but you acquired it through online data base, can be cited as the database name in Italics. No further details are requested.


  1. You do not need to provide in URLs. If requested by your supervisor then you can add them in brackets after each entry.

  1. Capitalize the initials of the title of journals, books, etc but do not capitalize other words unless the punctuation requires. Use italics for longer works, instead of underlining and quotation marks for shorter word.


Listing Author’s Name:


  1. List the names in alphabetical order in the cited work and write the last name first and the middles following the First name. Do not write the titles as Dr. PhD. etc. Include the suffix like Jr. or III at the end of the name, separated with a comma.

  1. For multiple works from same author, alphabetically order the entries and use 3 hyphens instead of the Author’s name.


  1. For unknown authors use shortened versions of titles in the parenthetic citation in your paper.

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