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Sections to include within a

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Step 1: Choose a Topic for your business term paper. Get started with a general area of research, narrow down your subject and concluded a research question or statement for your paper.


Step 2: How to conduct and plan your research. Enhance your thinking process for research resources so that it may assist you in gathering data, analyzing results and evaluating your resources.


Step 3: Writing the paper: Plan, outline, organize and start writing your Business Term Paper.


Step 4: Citing Sources and Useful Links.


Choosing a Topic:


  • Focus on the area of research you are interested in.

  • Confirm the available research to be adequate as a long paper cannot be written on a narrowed topic and a short paper cannot be written on a broad topic.

  • Evaluate the research you will be conducting (Primary/Secondary) to serve a quality piece of work.

  • Make sure that you create a fresh approach to a standard business subject as it might not be well scratch previously. For example

    1. Cash flow maintenance of for tangible and intangible assets
    2. An Analysis of a domestic business expanding towards international trade.
    3. The importance of financial decision-making at the time of a merger in light of the recent financial crisis.
    4. Cost effective business marketing for a bank.
    5. A business strategic report on the expansion of Dental Clinics in UK.
    6. Achievements which might seem impossible for an SME but surely can be achieved after a merger.

Planning and Conducting Research:


  • Determine the available sources within the given time frame and other limitations.

  • Take into account a working bibliography through libraries and your supervisor’s assistance.

  • Start collecting data as the guideline has already been set.

  • Ensure your resources and quality of your researched data;

  • Confirm the age of the source.

  • Is the resource objection and it is not limited to particular economic and other influential.

  • Confirm author’s background.


Planning and Writing the paper:


  • Once you are done with the data Collection, select the sources relevant to your topic of research statement and organize the document as per your supervisor’s specifications. You can organize your document in a chronological manner or you can use various approaches to match your needs. For example, Compare and contrast, spatial pattern, problem and solution and many others.

Citing sources and Useful Links:


  • Most of the universities and colleges specify the students on how to cite their sources. Please follow the instructed way to score a nice grade.
  • Bookmark all the relevant websites.


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