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7 Clear-Cut Strategies of Criminology Thesis Writing

Topic selection

This is initial part of your criminology thesis. First of all you need to select your area of study to investigate and study. Just remember two things in mind before you select your criminology thesis topic. You should be perfect in your area of selection and the topic should be broad enough so that you may not get stuck and easily complete your criminology thesis before your deadline. Some criminology thesis topic suggestions for you are here.


  • Reason of increase and decrease of crime rate
  • Amendment in law to prevent the crime
  • Is poverty a base of crime?
  • Adopting information technology option to prevent crime: will it work?
  • Effect of corruption on crimes

Data collection

Once you select your area of study, start researching. Use the both online and printed ways to research and also adopt the latest sources of research. Here are some sources of research for you. Adopt these sources and collect all the available data related to your criminology thesis papers.

  • Daily newspapers and weekly magazines
  • Go through the different editorial and essays linked to your topic
  • Visit your college or university library
  • Visit the online libraries
  • Visit the past research papers

Data Evaluation

After collecting all your data, deeply go through it. Select all the useful data and discard the remaining data.


This is the first part of your criminology thesis paper writing. Write an attractive and informative introduction of your thesis so that your professor may go through your thesis till the lat word with ease. Discuss the following points in your criminology thesis introduction.

  • Explain the reasons behind the selection of your particular topic.
  • Give the background of your thesis topic.

Main body

This is the major part of your thesis discussion. Here you have to talk on your criminology thesis topic in detail. Present all the available statements and statistical data. Also put forward your own opinion. Raise al the queries that you will answer further. At the end, answer to all the queries you raised. Keep one thing in mind that your paragraph should be definite and clearly stated.


Now you have to end your criminology thesis. Try to end your criminology thesis papers in a good way because good things always have a good end. Give overall view of your criminology thesis paper and end your thesis.


After all you need to write criminology thesis bibliography. List all the sources you utilized to write your criminology thesis papers.

Just take advantage from the above-mentioned guidelines and write your criminology thesis on time.

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