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Are you stuck in the cobweb of illustration essay writing examples being clueless about the number of examples to include in your illustration essays writing???

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Illustration essays

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Illustration essays normally confuse students since they have too many examples to include. And you know using few examples in your Illustration essay will increases your chances of getting lower grades.

The fewer the examples are, the lower the grades is.


Therefore is advisable that you get the idea of writing Illustration essays properly so that you can avoid lower grade. So first of all, you need to understand the ins and outs of Illustration essay writing. Let’s start with the definition of Illustration
essay writing.

What is an Illustration Essay?

"An illustration essay is not so different in format from other types of essays. In an illustration essay, you need to describe and support your illustration essay topic using examples. The main aspect which makes illustration essay different is the use of examples in it. The illustration essay must have plenty of examples to support the illustration essay topic. Examples in the illustration essay have to be so vivid, appealing and descriptive.”

It is better to have short examples in the illustration essay, but you can also use longer illustration essay examples. The most important point to consider is that the examples must be appealing, relevant and interesting enough to grab reader’s attention.

Don’t forget to use transitional words like “for example”, “for instance”, “An example of this is”, “This is exemplified by”, etc.


Illustration Essay Writing


Illustration Essay – Introduction

Firstly, give a general overview of your illustration essay topic and gradually move to introduce the thesis statement. Avoid writing a longer illustration essay introduction.

Illustration Essay – Body

It is here you have to present all he examples in plenty which distinct an illustration essay from other essay types. Here you have to back up the thesis statement with vivid and reasonable examples. Be careful that the examples cohere with one another.

Illustration Essay – Conclusion

First of all, restate the thesis. Remember not only in illustration essay, but in any other essay conclusion plays the vital part in evaluation process. Your teacher will examine the conclusion very critically. Therefore you need to suggest a proper and feasible solution to the problem at the end of your illustration essay writing.

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