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Privacy Policy

USA Term Papers receives information from its users when they visit the website to use the academic research writing, consultancy services, topics and samples.

Nature of Information

We require some specific information when you visit our website and use our services; the information could be personal, academic and website visit.

1. Range & Usage of Personal Information

Personal information is about, without limitation, user’s name, email address, phone number or cell number, gender, country, and credit card information.

Personal information is used in multiple ways as;

1a) to send free topics and samples

1b) to communicate with clients for order status or updates and user’s comments

1c) to answer or clarify any confusions or problems of visitors/clients

1d) to send first drafts, revised and finalized work

1e) to inform about promotional offers

1f) to announce service updates

1g) to collect general feedback about the service

1h) to analyze and utilize the collected information so as to develop even better strategies


Range & Usage of Billing Information

Billing and credit card information is used to process to collect payment in order to start working on your placed order. We are registered with (a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) payment processor) for collecting payments from our clients.

3. Range & Usage of Academic Information

Academic information is about, without limitation, your standard, faculty, type of paper, subject, paper topic, order description, and citation style.

The purpose of collecting academic information is to understand the accurate requirements of our customers in order to serve them with optimum.

4. Range & Usage of Automatic Information Collection

There are some automated tools and software which record and maintain the traffic related information of our website; such information include, without limitation, IP and Mac addresses, date and time of your visit, language, city, and country.

Our website traffic statistics help us find out our target audience and further devise new and better strategies.

5. Confidentiality

Your entire information is not revealed, shared or sold to any online of offline third parties without your consent or until we are forced by the state laws.

6. Privacy Policy Changes

We may amend or update Privacy Policy and form time to time while we are liable to update all the clients to notify about any amendments earlier than the effective date of changes in overall policies.


Contact Us

You can easily get in touch with us whenever you wish if you have any confusion about any clause(s) of our policies by using Contact Us form, Live Chat or you can make a call to us.

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