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7 Deadly Sins Of 

Term Paper Writing


Well, we all have been warned by religion about seven deadly sins. The one who don’t avoid them, they know they will be punished severely in hell. Similarly you have to avoid the following seven deadly sins of term papers writing.


List of Seven Deadly Sins of 

Writing a Term Paper


Sin # 1


The first and foremost task is to read the assignment sheet carefully and understand the term paper writing topic comprehensively. Avoid trying to guess the meaning of the topic. If you don’t understand it well enough, ask your teacher to explain it.


Sin # 2


There is a very simple rule of capitalization which every student is well aware of. The rule is that every proper noun starts with a capital letter. Yet students show carelessness while writing or typing in capitalization and don’t capitalize the proper nouns.


Sin # 3


There is another problem of using words incorrectly. Normally students confuse some common words and use them at wrong places. These words particularly include “it’s and its”, “their and there”, and farther and further”. Each word in the pair has a different meaning, but it is very common among students to use them incorrectly while term paper writing. Therefore it is necessary to understand the differences of theses words before term paper writing.


Sin # 4


Punctuation is an essential and requisite part of term paper writing. The wrong use of punctuation makes a very bad impact on your term paper marks, but moat of the students make mistakes using punctuation. So it is imperative that you study the use of punctuation properly, so that you can use it correctly.


Sin # 5


Never think that you can fool your teachers in any way because they have been through the stage which you are currently experiencing. If you have been assigned to write a term paper of eight pages, you must turn in a term paper of the instructed length. Never try to play tricks to increase the number of pages by using bigger fonts with even bigger headings and too many spaces. It is only their generosity if they ignore your tricks like this.  


Sin # 6


Paragraphing is an inevitable part of term papers. You know very well that it is impossible write any paper without paragraphs. A paragraph serves the purpose of introducing another idea in the paper. So you need to be careful about using separate paragraphs for every new idea.


And Finally Sin # 7 of 
Term Paper Writing


As you know, your teachers have to check too many term papers and the sight of a badly presented term paper among the good ones may psychologically make them dislike a badly presented term paper.  So make your presentation an eye-catching one. You also have to be careful about attaching the papers properly. It may happen that some papers may get misplaced.  So don’t forget to number the pages, so that you may find a favor if your term papers get misplaced.



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